How to Add Push Notifications to an iPhone Email Thread

How to Add Push Notifications to an iPhone Email Thread

 Add Push Notifications to an iPhone Email

How to Add Push Notifications to an iPhone Email Thread

Keeping tabs of your emails is an increasing necessity the more responsibilities one has. whether or not it’s a conversation with a family member, a friend, or a co-worker, we tend to all are constantly partaking in a minimum of one necessary chat.

For what appears like forever, email notifications on the iOS has been unreliable. I can’t tell you the way repeatedly I’ve been hours late in noticing an increase in my inbox, or how many times my inbox didn’t even show a change once I had new emails. It may be a retardant and you’ll be able to even get in bother along with your idolized ones or your bosses, or miss out on a sweet act quick chance.

However, with the iOS eight update you’ll be able to currently add alerts to any email chain you’d like – ne’er to discomfited anyone or to be left behind in a very fast moving business conversation ever once more.

The process is fairly simple and super useful. So, enable me to guide your method through the steps below as we discuss a way to add push notifications to your email replies on iOS 8.1. Go to your Mail app.

  1. Tap onto the necessary mailbox that contains your important conversation!
  2. Swipe left on the conversation you want to add notifications to, then swipe the “More” option.
  3.  Hit ‘Notify Me…’
  4.  Now, hit the more declarative ‘Notify Me.’

And just like that – you’re all set up.  What’s even better is that there’s no limit to assigning these, so feel free to go crazy and assign them to as many email conversations as you see fit.

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