How to add and edit title, description, and keywords in Photos for OS X

A picture may be worth a thousand words but adding just a few more, namely a title, description, and keywords, can help you find it even faster.

While dumping pictures and videos is certainly the fastest way to get them into Photos for OS X, the time you save up-front can be more than offset by the time you spend later trying to find a specific picture and video. If you take just a few minutes to delete the pictures and videos that you know you’ll never want to see again, and tag the ones you absolutely know you will, you can save a lot of time in the long run. It’s a little more work for present you, but future you will thank you!

How to add a title, description, and keywords to a picture or video in Photos for Mac

  1. Launch Photos on your Mac
  2. Select the picture or video you want to find out about
  3. Click on Window > Info in the menu. (Or just hit Command + I)
  4. Click on Add a Title at the top and type in your title.
  5. Click on Add a Description and type in a little about the picture or video.
  6. Click on Add Keywords and enter some words that’ll help you find the picture or video later, like “family”, “bob’s birthday 2014”, “Apple Watch event” — whatever works for you.

How to manage keywords with Photos for Mac

If you’re more of a power keyword user, Photos for OS X has a more powerful keyword tool for you.

  1. Launch Photos on your Mac
  2. Click on Window > Keyword Manager in the menu. (Or just hit Command + K)
  3. Click on a Keyword to apply it to the currently selected picture or video. (Or just type it’s shortcut.)
  4. Click again on a Keyword to remove it from the currently selected picture or video. (Or just type it’s shortcut again.)
  5. Click on Edit Keywords to change the current keywords.
  6. Click on + to add a new keyword and shortcut, to remove an existing one, or Rename to change it.

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