How (and when) to use manual mode on the LG G4 camera

The LG G4 takes excellent pictures. Using manual mode in the camera can take things a step further for those times when you want or need a bit more control.

You might have seen some of the amazing pictures the people with early access to the LG G4 have been taking. The camera hardware is great, the software seems to do a really good job of turning out images, and the camera app is easy to use and feature-packed. We think that LG has lived up to their promise of delivering an awesome camera on their latest Android flagship phone.

One other thing that LG has done right is include a slew of manual controls (using the new camera2 API) built into the camera app. They’ve put them behind a simple — but effective — interface and made them accessible to anyone, pro and amateur alike. While many of us are used to fiddling with things like exposure settings and white balance, it really is something for the novice to try, too.

Lets talk about how — and when — to use them.

Source: iMore

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