Highs and Lows Part I: Are Low-End Windows Phones Hurting Microsoft's Smartphone Brand?

“Why don’t Windows phones have front facing cameras?”

This was the question posed by my 14-year-old niece from the back seat of the car on Easter Sunday. She will soon be the recipient of a Lumia 635 Windows Phone. Good news right? Well, kind of. The device will be passed down to her from my nephew, her 18-year-old brother who after a second brief stint with Windows Phone has returned to team iPhone. So much for family loyalty.

He does leave these parting sentiments in praise of the Windows Phone UI, however. Windows Phone is fast, smooth and never hangs. Yet, he refuses to hang around. So why no selfies with the Lumia 635 for my teenage niece and all those selfie loving types? Well, what happened was…

Source: iMore

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