GoTech Ion: Hands-on with the foldable selfie stick

Own a selfie stick? You might want to replace it with the GoTech Ion. This selfie stick fits easily in a pocket or small pocketbook. It folds into less than 8 inches but stretches to 35 inches when it’s time to take those fabulous selfies. It makes selfies even more convenient.

Watch our GoTech Ion hands-on video to see it in action.

Most selfie sticks in the market have to be unscrewed from their phone holders for storage. The GoTech Ion lets you fold the phone holder onto the stick.

The GoTech Ion comes in two models. One version comes with built-in Bluetooth remote and the other one is wired for battery-free usage. They are now available for pre-orders at The GoTech Ion Bluetooth selfie stick costs $29.99 while the wired version is available for $24.99.

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Source: iMore

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  1. alicepattinson04

    I still prefer to use my old Selfie Stick Pro than buying these. 🙂

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