EE Power enables customers to swap out portable chargers in-store

EE today announced the launch of EE Power, which provides customers with a free portable smartphone charger that can be swapped for a fully charged unit in-store.

As previously covered, the UK mobile operator will offer the EE Power Bar for free to existing contract (both mobile and broadband) holders. Unlimited swaps in-store make it so you’ll never run out of power when out and about – simply walk into the nearest EE store and swap out a fully charged Power Bar for free.

So, how do you get one? You’ll need to text “POWER” to 365 to receive a promotional code. Those of you who are only broadband customers, the instructions differ slightly. You’ll need to text “JOIN” and your EE landline number to 60005. These codes can be used to redeem your 2,600mAh Power Bar from EE.

See the EE website for more details.

Source: iMore

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