Dragon Age Inquisition getting free Dragonslayer DLC next week

Lately I’ve been quite taken with Resident Evil Revelations 2’s multiplayer Raid mode, which finally received online multiplayer on Xbox One last week. Before that, my cooperative multiplayer game of choice was Dragon Age Inquisition from Electronic Arts. Inquisition has a small but addictive co-op mode that sits completely separate from the game’s massive campaign.

While Dragon Age Inquisition multiplayer is a lot of fun for loot hunters, the mode’s scant three areas certainly limit staying power. That will improve next week with the launch of the ‘Dragonslayer’ multiplayer DLC. The free downloadable content adds a new area with a dragon boss and three new characters to the fray.

With the new ‘Dragonslayer’ content coming to Dragon Age Inquisition in just a few days, now is the time to get into multiplayer and learn the ropes. Read on for our quick multiplayer guide and more ‘Dragonslayer’ update details.

Source: iMore

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