Diet Coda becomes Coda for iOS, picks up iPhone support and a new look

Panic, the developer behind apps like Transmit and Coda, have delivered a major, free update to its mobile text editor, Diet Coda. First things first: it’s not actually called Diet Coda any more, and is now simply Coda for iOS. Second, Coda is now a universal app, available for the iPhone for the first time.

So what else is in Coda 2.0? There’s a fresh new UI, new editing modes like Go, INI, Lua, and Swift, dual file browsers, and more. Coda 2.0 also introduces Panic Sync, for keeping your sites, clips, and credentials up to date between devices.

Here are the major updates you can expect in Coda for iOS 2.0:

  • NEW UI. Fully redesigned impeccably to look great on iOS 9 and beyond.
  • IPHONE. We heard you! Now, it’s universal! Coda iOS now works on your iPad and your iPhone.
  • PANIC SYNC. Keep your sites, clips, and credentials in sync using our free, secure sync service.
  • MORE MODES. Go, INI, Lua, Scheme, Shell Script, SQL, and Swift.
  • PLAYGROUNDS. Experiment and test in a real Javascript environment, live.
  • DUAL FILE BROWSERS. See dev and productions files side-by-side. Managing your files is now even easier.
  • TERMINAL. Lots of new features ported straight from our powerful Prompt 2 SSH client.
  • BETTER PREVIEW. Faster AirPreview. Markdown support. Much more.
  • NEW PROTOCOLS. Amazon S3, DreamObjects, and WebDAV.
  • LOTS MORE. Incredible fixes around every corner, including: shared local storage with Transmit iOS for easier workflows, better Accessibility support, List View for sites, Passcode lock with Touch ID support, background transfer notifications, 1Password Extension support, importing and exporting to iCloud Drive and other document providers, and more.

Coda for iOS is available as a free update to everyone who already owns Diet Coda. New users will have to pay the all-new, lower price of $9.99. You can grab Coda from the App Store right now.

Source: iMore

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