Darkside features have come to the Orbotix Ollie app

An update to the Ollie controller app applies a fresh coat of paint and new features if you’re running the Darkside variant.

While most of the rolling robots made by Orbotix have a cute, harmless look to them, the Darkside version of their Ollie robot is all about attitude. The murdered-out design extends from the two sets of tires and glossy shell all the way out to the packaging, including a little card with glossy red letters letting you know just how serious this little toy is about being hardcore.

When we first tried out the Darkside Ollie, the one place you didn’t get this goth teen vibe was the app. Since both versions of Ollie use the one app, and the theme for that app was designed to compliment the friendly blue and white Ollie, it was to be expected. An update to the Ollie app last night has changed things, and now when you pair a Darkside Ollie to the app you get a darker, redder experience to match the angry little robot you just removed from the box.

Source: iMore

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