Cyanogen's Microsoft deal includes removable apps and 'contextual' suggestions

As details emerge, the Cyanogen/Microsoft deal isn’t nearly as cringeworthy as many originally suspected.

There aren’t a whole lot of Android users out there who enjoy seeing the words “Microsoft apps included” when it comes to their devices — and this goes back a long, long way — and power users who use CyanogenMod and Cyanogen OS are more likely than most to react negatively to that sort of partnership. As a result, news that Cyanogen and Microsoft are partnering to include Bing services, Outlook, and other apps on Cyanogen OS has caused a fair bit of teeth-gnashing and hand-wringing.

Given Microsoft’s sordid history when it comes to Android and Samsung’s decision to make Microsoft’s apps disable-only on the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge, concern is well deserved.

After a brief email conversation with the folks at Cyanogen, however, some of that initial concern appears largely unwarranted. Here’s what’s up:

Source: iMore

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