Cyanogen and Truecaller are partnering to build a new dialer app

There’s a new dialer app on the way for Cyanogen OS users, thanks to a partnership with Truecaller.

Smartphones have, for the most part, taken our ability to communicate and improved it dramatically. There are more ways to reach out to the rest of the world than ever before, and whether you’re into text only, face to face video, or good old fashioned audio calls you can reach out with relatively little effort. There’s one small piece of voice communication that has taken a backseat in this new generation of communication, due largely to carrier efforts to monetize the technology and users deciding they could live without it. Caller ID as a service has changed quite a bit from the days of the little LCD display next to your home phone, and the folks at Cyanogen have decided to work with one of the more impressive companies keeping this service alive today to implement an integrated solution in their next dialer app.

Source: iMore

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