CrackBerry Asks: Do you regularly use the trackpad on your BlackBerry Classic?

We run polls here on CrackBerry quite often and include all BlackBerry users but this time I’m specifically targeting BlackBerry Classic users. Since getting my hands on a white BlackBerry Classic, I decided to stick with it, at least for the summer. I find myself using the trackpad a lot – for scrolling through the Hub, apps on the home screen and more. After using a BlackBerry Passport, since its launch in September 2014, it was refreshing to be able to use a device one handed. Also, with it being summer, less clothing and all, it’s hard to put the Passport into summer wear pockets.

However, I’ve asked many other Classic owners whether or not they use the trackpad, and most of them don’t use it much. I’ve had a one say that they forget it’s there, others say they hardly use it which sometimes gets me wondering whether there are others like me who use it frequently or do the majority of Classic owners not utilize the trackpad. If none of the answers below fit, drop a comment letting us know how you use the trackpad on your Classic.

Do you regularly use the trackpad on your BlackBerry Classic

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