Canadian Apple TV users can now watch CraveTV and Shomi … if they have the right cable company

Apple has added two new channels to the Apple TV’s lineup in Canada, with both CraveTV and Shomi now available on the set top box.

CraveTV is now available to Bell customers on the Apple TV, giving people access to the channel’s entire library. This includes programs from American channels like HBO and Showtime, with Homeland, The Wire, and more now available through CraveTV. Shows are now also available in 1080p.

The Shomi video-on-demand service is also available on the Apple TV. Currently in a limited beta, Shomi is only available to Rogers or Shaw cable subscribers for $8.99 per month. Shomi on the Apple TV gives customers access to movies and shows like Outlander, iZombie, and Transparent.

Both channels are available for Canadian Apple TV users right now.

Source: iMore

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