BlackBerry offers up a quick look at apps on the BlackBerry Leap

Have you pre-ordered a BlackBerry Leap? If you have and you’re waiting, BlackBerry has put out another video quickly showing off the device plus, shared ‘5 Facts about Apps for BlackBerry Leap’. Most of them should be pretty well known to already existing BlackBerry owners, but Donny always likes to share his experiences with the devices he gets to play with ahead of the official release with everyone else so check them out.

  • Two Stores. One Huge Selection – The BlackBerry Leap comes pre-loaded with both BlackBerry World and Amazon Appstore storefronts. In the simplest terms possible, you benefit from having a huge selection and hundreds-of-thousands of apps. On the work and productivity side, BlackBerry World is home to secure corporate apps and business tools. For the majority of your gaming, consumer and even prosumer needs, the Amazon Appstore has a variety of Android apps to choose from AND free App-of-the-Day specials (follow BlackBerry @Twitter to hear about them).

  • Runs Android Apps – Yes. The BlackBerry Leap runs Android apps. For some time now, the BlackBerry 10 OS has had the ability to install and run .apk files (Android apps). This is what enables you to run the Amazon Appstore and the many official apps you find there. It also means that you have the ability to install and run .apk files from other sources should you choose to do so.

  • Optimal Aspect Ratio – With its 5-inch HD display, and modern, powerful design, the BlackBerry Leap is the ideal form factor, preferred by many customers and developers alike for apps and games. At 16×9, Android apps from the Amazon Appstore and BlackBerry World apps will render beautifully.

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