Best web browsers for iPhone

If Safari just isn’t your thing, here are some other great browsers to choose from.

The iPhone’s built-in browser, Safari, is perfect for many people. But it’s not perfect for everyone. If you want or need something different, like Google account sync, Flash support, or night reading, the App Store has you covered. If you already know which browser you want, great! If not, and you want to try some alternatives, here are our favorites!

Google Chrome

For Googlers

If you already use Google Chrome on your desktop computer, odds are you have lots of bookmarks and web history attached to them. Using Google Chrome on iPhone gives you access to any open browser tabs, history across all your linked devices, and any bookmarks you’ve stored. Chrome also works great with all of Google’s other services. For the complete Google ecosystem experience, you want Chrome.


For shortcuts and better accessibility

Dolphin provides a beautiful browsing experience as well as accessibility features, such as the ability to draw gestures. For an additional $0.99 in-app purchase, Dolphin Sonar lets you speak queries instead of typing them. Dolphin also offers native syncing so you can keep your bookmarks, history, and passwords in harmony with whatever browser you use on your computer.

Opera Coast

For better content discovery

In addition to regular web browsing, Coast’s goal is to help you find interesting content on the web. It does this by offering up suggestions it thinks you’ll be interested in based on what you type in the search bar.

iCab Mobile

For great file handling

What sets iCab Mobile apart is the control it gives you for managing files. Once you link up Dropbox, you can download and upload files to and from your iPhone, so you can access them on the go. You also get multi-user options, full-screen mode, and form filling capabilities. If you want a desktop-class experience on your iPhone, you want iCab.

Night Web Browser

For late night browsing

If you’ve ever found yourself wishing for a dark mode, Night Web Browser by Alex gives you exactly that. You have complete control over dimming the screen, keyboard, and even YouTube videos inside the browser window. If a night theme is really important to you, give Night Web a try.


To expose web tracking services

Lots of websites track you on the web, including Google, Amazon, and others. Ghostery shows you who’s tracking your browsing and helps you do something about it. If privacy matters to you, check out Ghostery.

Red Onion

For anonymous, restriction-free browsing

Ever been on a Wi-Fi network that has blocked you from accessing one of your favorite websites? Just like you can use Tor on the computer to browse anonymously and break free from restrictions, Red Onion lets you do the same on iPhone. Your browsing is also completely password protected.


For Flash support and data compression

Puffin compresses data to lower your bandwidth usage and speed up your browsing. That makes it a great choice if you’ve got a very low data dap, or are in an area with very slow internet speeds. Because Puffin is a proxy and pre-processes the data on its servers, it can also offer Flash support by converting video and controls on the way down. The one downside: Puffin is currently U.S. only.

Your picks?

If Safari doesn’t quite fit the bill where your web browsing needs are concerned, what alternative browser have you settled on and why? Be sure to let me know in the comments!

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