Best health and fitness apps for Apple Watch!

One of the staple features of Apple Watch is its ability to double as an all-in-one fitness tracker.

Regardless of what kind of health and fitness data you need to track, the App Store is already overflowing with options. A lot of which have been optimized for Apple Watch. Some apps can help you log runs while others track cycling performance or monitor activity while you hit the slopes. Whether your goal is just to be more active or to track a sport or activity you already participate in regularly, these are the health and fitness apps that are already updated and ready to hit the pavement with you and you’re new Apple Watch!


Workout comes built-in to your Apple Watch and can track activity specifically performed during a heavy cardio workout. You can log things like distance, pace, heart rate, and more. You’ll also receive updates for halfway marks right on your wrist. Since Workout tracks all your sessions, it makes it easy to set goals and compete against your personal best.


Activity, which also comes built right into Apple Watch, measures your all day activity. This includes the things you do every day such as taking your dog for a walk, getting your kids ready for bed, or anything else that involves movement throughout your day. If your main goal is to move more, Activity can help you become much more aware of how much time you spend sitting as opposed to moving.


Strava specializes in tracking both running and cycling. From your Apple Watch you can view things like distance, pace, total time, and more. You can also opt to receive segment alerts so you know exactly where you are in your workout, without ever pulling out your iPhone.


Vima offers two different apps that are already Apple Watch compatible; Run and Bike. With both you can start, stop, and pause workouts right from your wrist. You can also view important stats like current distance, altitude, pace, and more.


Runtastic is one of the most full featured weather apps from iPhone and a lot of that power can now be directly manipulated right on your wrist. Start, pause, stop, and end workouts without using your iPhone. What makes Runtastic stand out from other running apps are the stories and content you can download to listen to while you run, which some people may appreciate.


Need some tough love to help you get fit? Look no further than CARROT Fit on your wrist! This 7 minute workout is anything but easy and consists of 30 second intervals featuring different exercises to keep you moving. Just start a workout on your iPhone and when you raise your wrist, you’ll see what exercise you should be performing.


If you hit the slopes regularly, this is the app for you. On top of all the regular iPhone app can track, you can see at a glance on your Apple Watch stats like how long you’ve spend on the slopes as opposed to sitting on lifts. You can also see stats such as top speed, verticals, and distance for the day.

7 Minute Workout

7 Minute Workout requires nothing but a chair, a wall, and you. With Apple Watch you can start an entire session right on your wrist, or just use glances to see your progress quickly. 7 Minute Workout is a great exercise app to have on hand for days when you don’t have time to squeeze in a full workout.


If you’re looking to make some healthier eating choices, Lifesum just made it even easier. While you’ll still use the Lifesum for iPhone app to track most of your entries, you can now create quick entries and track foods throughout the day right on your wrist. You can also opt to receive exercise reminders and other useful into to help keep you on track.

Your picks?

If you plan on using your Apple Watch to help you stay healthy, what apps have you decided on so far and why? Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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