Best Apple Watch apps for hitting the gym!

The Apple Watch is a great workout companion at the gym, especially when paired with the right apps.

While an iPhone stocked with fitness apps has always been a decent gym companion, having to hold it during a workout when accessing information can often be inconvenient — especially since most exercises require two hands. But thanks to the Apple Watch, it’s easier than ever to track and manage workouts right from your wrist. Whether you’re learning new yoga poses, trying to bulk up and need to count and track reps, or just need a great interval timer, there’s something for everyone.

These are currently our favorite Apple Watch apps when it comes time to hit the gym!


For a multi-purpose interval timer

The Timers app is an interval timer that can be used for many things, including sessions at the gym. Just use your iPhone to program in your workout routine (or multiple routines, if you want to have options); from there, you’ll have full access on your Apple Watch. Once you’re done at the gym, you can use Timers for other things as well, such as brewing the perfect cup of post-workout coffee.

Fitness Intervals

Intervals for any workout type

Whether you want timers for HIIT, Crossfit, Tabata, or another exercise-related workout, you’ll most likely find it in Fitness Intervals. The bold colors and cues help you quickly differentiate between different kinds of sets, so you know exactly where you are during your workout at a glance. The large numbers also make Fitness Intervals easy to read in any workout environment and from any distance.


For a great selection of pre-made workouts

Fitnet provides over 200 free workouts right on your iPhone. On the Apple Watch, you can control and track those workouts from your wrist. Fitnet can also monitor your heart rate and other stats about your workout and insert them right into the Health app, so all your important data is is one place.

FitStar Yoga

Best yoga option for beginners

FitStar offers tons of different yoga options from your iPhone, and with the Apple Watch, you can run through an entire session on your wrist, too, complete with illustrations showing each pose. FitStar is a great place for beginners who want the extra help of HD videos and the ability to rate poses by difficulty as they progress.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga for everyone, complete with Health integration

Pocket Yoga offers a great yoga experience on your wrist and tracks not only your session, but calories burned and your heart rate, too. It doesn’t do as much hand-holding as FitStar Yoga, but if you’re a yoga pro, you may prefer that. Pocket Yoga can then log your sessions and even integrate with, if you’d like it to.

Runtastic Six Pack

Awesome abs right from your Apple Watch

Runtastic’s Six Pack app lets you perform pre-built workouts or create your own. The app itself is free, but if you want to unlock all that Six Pack has to offer, you can so do with a single $4.99 in-app purchase. When you’re ready to work out, use your Apple Watch to monitor your progress and to see diagrams of each exercise without ever touching your iPhone.

Your picks?

If you hit the gym regularly, have you found any Apple Watch apps that have made your workouts even more productive? Be sure to let me know in the comments!


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