Battle Odyssey Review – A match-three RPG styled game for Windows 8 and Windows Phone

Battle Odyssey is one of the latest gaming titles from Gameloft and is available for both Windows 8 and Windows Phone. The game has you sailing the ocean blue to the land of Pondera (no relation) where you get to battle evil and free the land from its grasp. You use elemental powers to defeat your enemies and build a crew of fellow heroes to aide you in the battle.

Available for low-memory devices with the ability to synchronize gaming progress between devices, there is a lot to this Windows Phone gaming title. From building your crew to managing your elemental abilities, Battle Odyssey can be a rather involving and time consuming gaming title. There are a few bugs needing to be ironed out but overall, Battle Odyssey joins the ranks of the many quality Windows 8 and Windows Phone games from Gameloft.

Source: iMore

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