Apple will help preserve over 36,000 acres of forest in Maine and North Carolina

Apple will partner with the Conservation Fund to help preserve over 36,000 acres of forestland located in Maine and North Carolina.

The agreement will specifically target 32,400 acres of the Reed Forest in Aroostook County, Maine, along with 3,600 acres of forest in Brunswick County, North Carolina. Apple’s vice-president of Environmental Initiatives Lisa Jackson said that the company is making this move because it wants all of its virgin fibers used in its paper and packaging to come from “sustainably managed forests or controlled wood sources.” She added:

This partnership is mutually beneficial. Apple is quantifying the virgin paper footprint from its packaging. Apple is committed to zeroing out that impact by using paper more efficiently, increasing recycled paper content, sourcing paper sustainably, and conserving acreage of working forests around the world equivalent to its virgin paper footprint. The Conservation Fund is committed to identifying and conserving those acres in the U.S. Through conservation easements, they will ensure these lands remain forests in the future. This helps preserve the supply of raw materials for paper while providing permanent environmental protection and fighting climate change.

This new forestland preservation deal represents Apple’s latest attempt to be environmentally friendly. The company has been increasing its use of solar power for its facilities and recently announced a plan to build an $850 million solar farm to power their California offices.

Source: Medium, Conservation Fund

Source: iMore

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