Apple Watch gets reviewed — for accessibility

Molly Watt, who has Usher Syndrome Type 2a, and severely limited sight and hearing, recently got her Apple Watch

She spent some time with it and has written a preliminary review. It’s focused on the accessibility features, and her findings so far are impressive to say the least.

So far for me the most useful App on the Apple Watch is Maps – on my iPhone I can plan my journey from one destination to another, for me it will be on foot with Unis my guidedog.
This is where Haptics really come into its own – I can be directed without hearing or sight, but by a series of taps via the watch onto my wrist – 12 taps means turn right at the junction or 3 pairs of 2 taps means turn left, I’m still experimenting with this but so far very impressed – usher syndrome accessible!

It’s impossible to stress just how important accessibility is. Designing for it doesn’t just make the Apple Watch usable for people with sight, hearing, motor skills, or other challenges, but more usable for everyone.

How accessibility enables people with sight, hearing, and motor skills challenges to live better lives, however, is often transformative.

I can’t wait to read Molly’s follow up.

Source: iMore

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