Apple Store app picks up Postmates support for same-day delivery in select cities

Apple is beginning to offer same-day delivery for select products through the Apple Store app, thanks to a partnership with Postmates.

Apple has partnered with courier service Postmates to offer same-day delivery on select products through its Apple Store app. The new same-day delivery is only available in cities where Postmates currently operates. It also appears that this feature has been added server-side, and it does not seem to require an update of the app itself.

From MacRumors:

Customers who have Postmates delivery options available to them will see same-day delivery options listed whenever they search for a product that is available for purchase in a nearby Apple Store. After an order is placed, the Apple Store app offers live tracking options that let customers know where an item is and track it as it progresses from the Apple Store to the delivery location. The app also delivers notifications with estimated delivery times and tracking information.

Same-day delivery with Postmates also apparently has a $19 fee, and customers are able to specify a four-hour delivery window. Postmates, which offers courier services to business and consumers, currently operates in a number of U.S. cities, including San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington D.C., though for right now Apple deliveries may be limited to San Francisco.

Source: MacRumors

Source: iMore

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