Apple Store App for iOS Updated With Apple Watch Support [iOS Blog]

Apple today updated its Apple Store app for the iPhone with support for the Apple Watch, making it possible for Apple Watch owners to get real-time order status updates, check on Genius Bar reservations, and find nearby in-store events and workshops, all on their Apple Watches.

When opening the Apple Store app on the Apple Watch, the first option lists stores that are located nearby. Swiping upwards on the first screen offers up a map with an address for finding the closest store. The second screen in the Apple Watch app displays a scrollable list of all nearby workshops (signing up for a workshop is done on the iPhone), and the third screen offers up a list of all product orders. Scrolling to the bottom of that list gives an option to view a complete list of orders on the iPhone.

At an Apple Store, additional features mentioned in the app’s description are unlocked, letting users check in for a Genius Bar appointment or get started on a pick up order.

The convenience of the Apple Store App on your Apple Watch. Get real-time order status updates, quickly get your pick up order started, check in for Genius Bar reservations and discover nearby in-store events and workshops.

Unlike with the Apple Store for iPhone app, the Apple Watch app is rather limited in scope, offering up just a few quick-glance functions that accurately represent how Apple hopes Apple Watch apps will be used.

The Apple Store app can be downloaded from the App Store for free. [Direct Link]

Source: MacRumors

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