Apple Releases Four New Apple Watch Ads Showing the Device Used in Daily Life

Apple today released a new series of Apple Watch commercials on its YouTube channel, depicting the Apple Watch being used in a number of ways in the daily lives of the people featured in the videos. Each of the four videos centers around people who use the watch’s functions while traveling, while working out, and while communicating with and interacting with family.

Two of the videos, “Berlin” and “Beijing,” show the Apple Watch in use as a tool to discover new places to visit while exploring the cities. Two women are seen using the app to get directions to places, look up nearby restaurants, and discover new sights as soft music plays in the background of each video.

The third video, “Closer,” shows the Apple Watch being used by parents and children, playing tic tac toe, starting up music, and communicating with family through sketches and calls.

Apple’s fourth commercial is focused on fitness and shows the Apple Watch encouraging people to be more active. Individuals in the videos struggle through their workouts during classes, runs, martial arts lessons, and more.

Today’s ads follow in the footsteps of the first human-centric Apple Watch ads Apple created to promote the device, which were released in April. “Rise,” “Up,” and “Us” focused on time management, health and fitness, and communication.

Source: MacRumors

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