Apple and IBM launch 10 more MobileFirst business apps

Apple and IBM have unveiled a new set of MobileFirst apps for business users. A total of 10 new apps have been added across several different fields, including governmental work, banking and finance, and industrial products. New products include shift tracking apps for both managers and employees, business travel planning apps, and utility inspection applications.

From Apple + IBM, on Shift Track for iPhone and iPad:

Shift Track for iOS gives managers a smarter approach to staffing and scheduling. By replacing inefficient paper schedules with powerful analytics and intuitive dashboards, Shift Track makes it easy for managers to stay on top of staff schedules, time-off requests, shift exceptions, and employee hours. Push notifications make it easy to manage requests for vacation, or track sick leave and paid time off. Never before has an app empowered managers with this much visibility and control over staff schedules.

Shift Sync, a similar app for employees, allows workers to view and interact with their schedules on both iPhone and Apple Watch. Travel Plan and Travel Track for business travelers help you plan our flights based on calendar information, provide personalized recommendations, and help you share travel status. Loan Advise and Loan Track help mortgage officers recommend and track loans.

Field service workers can use Expert Resolve use historical data and typical issues to easily diagnose problems. Asset Inspect uses predictive analysis to identify the most likely cause of issues. Field Inspect helps government inspectors quickly acquire data and send field reports to the correct government agency. Finally, Safe Site helps make industrial work sites safer by letting forepersons easily document unsafe conditions.

Apple and IBM have been partnering on business-focused mobile applications for a little over a year now, releasing their first apps late in 2014. The partnership expanded to Japan earlier this year. You can check out all of Apple and IBM’s MobileFirst apps at the link below.

Source: Apple

Source: iMore

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