Android browser tips and tricks

Android has no shortage of browsers to choose from, and while they’ve all got something to make them unique there are a few things they all do the same.

Mobile browsing is a mixed bag. You get some sites that offer a mobile version with no way to get to the real homepage, desktop-focused sites that hide features behind pop-ups that break the mobile experience, ads everywhere, and no real way to know what you’re going to get until you go tot he website on your phone. This is before you take into account the way your browser is going to behave when faced with different web technologies and languages, which is its own unique experience.

Google has made it clear that there needs to be a focus on mobile experiences moving forward, but there are still some basic things the browser needs to do in order to make the experience manageable. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a quick list of simple things you can do to keep yourself sane while browsing on your mobile device.

Source: iMore

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