Airbnb finally comes to the iPad with magazine-like interface

Airbnb announced a pretty big update for its iOS app today that finally brings support for the iPad with a fresh interface designed for its bigger screen.

In its announcement, Airbnb, says that it took a magazine-like approach to developing the UI for the iPad, with large images taking center stage. From Airbnb:

Launching today, our new apps for Android and iOS tablets will be another, even better way to turn that wanderlust into real life travel instantaneously on Airbnb. Designed from the ground up for the larger tablet screen, the new cinematic feel makes the experience of researching your next adventure as beautiful as reading that glossy magazine. The only difference? Once you’ve “dog-eared” the places you want to go, you can just, well, go.

Overall, the interface looks fresh and clean, with beautiful high-res pictures for each entry featuring prominently. If you’re interested in browsing locations for your next trip from your iPad, you can grab Airbnb from the store link below.

Source: Airbnb

Source: iMore

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