Age of Wonders III for Windows PC gets huge Eternal Lords expansion and update

Age of Wonders III is a turn-based strategy game for Windows PCs from Dutch developer Triumph Studios. The game allows players to create a political leader of their own and then set out to survive and conquer a fantasy world filled with races like humans, elves, and orcs. Since last year’s release of Age of Wonders III, Triumph has kept strategy fans busy by releasing free updates and a first paid expansion called ‘The Golden Realms.’

Today Age of Wonders III received another major free update – the Version 1.5 Update, as well as a second expansion: ‘Eternal Lords.’ The update refines an already tight strategy game with numerous tweaks and enhancements. ‘Eternal Lords’ adds an all-new campaign, two new playable fantasy races, and much more.

We’ll have a full Steam Spotlight review of Age of Wonders III in the weeks to come. For now, check out our quick game impressions and ‘Eternal Lords’ DLC details!

Source: iMore

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