A look at the One M9, S6 edge, LG G4, and Droid Turbo through the Flir One

It should be no surprise to anyone that phones get hot when we use them in different ways. These portable computers are capable of an incredible amount, and things like processors and wireless radios and batteries generate heat when used. (Whether a phone gets too hot is another thing altogether.) We also live in a world where smartphones are being made of more unique things every day, with parts on the inside assembled just a little differently each time, and that means those phones all handle heat a little differently.

Since we’ve been playing with the new Flir One this week, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to perform some relatively unscientific tests on some of the more popular phones out there today with this thermal camera pointed at them. Here are the results.

Here’s a snapshot of each phone side by side doing absolutely nothing. They are all Verizon Wireless devices, all powered on, and all running as close to the same apps as we could reasonably manage. The warmest-appearing phone when doing essentially nothing was the Galaxy S6 edge, which clocked in at 88.6 degrees. You wouldn’t know this phone was the warmest by looking at it or holding it — in fact had I guessed before setting these devices under the camera I’d have said the Droid Turbo was the warmest by holding it.

Source: iMore

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