A look at the Apple Watch rollout at Apple's Fifth Ave NYC store

Curious customers anxious to see the Apple Watch in person lined up outside Apple’s Fifth Avenue store in NYC this morning to take a look.

iMore was there, thanks to the intrepid videography and photography of our own Mark Guim. While the Watch doesn’t actually become available until April 24th, Apple Stores around the world are welcoming customers to actually go try them on beginning today!

Prospective Apple Watch buyers were able to get their hands — or their wrists, at least — on the new device, trying them on, seeing how they worked, and asking questions of the Apple Store employees who were there to assist them.

Apple Watches come in a variety of sizes and styles, with lots of bands to choose from too.

Already, pre-order sales have gone into overdrive, with customers only now getting around to placing their orders being told to expect to wait until June before theirs will arrive.

Source: iMore

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