A brief interview with Dr. Joe Cohen on patient data and mobile devices

Apparently it takes a Physician to develop Physician-focused software. Who knew.

Dr. Joe Cohen isn’t exactly what you’d expect when someone says they’re about to introduce you to a Pediatrician. As a father of three in the middle of an Android-focused geek event like the Big Android Meat and Greet, the snarky, grinning, friendly individual standing in front of me — with Google Glass on his face, a Moto 360 on his wrist, and a vape in his hand — was certainly not like any Pediatrician I had ever met. Dr. Joe was at this event to talk about a software platform he’s been working on, and his team had created a series of software challenges to both participate in the hackathon aspect of the event and help demystify the nature of secure medical information on mobile devices.

It turns out that last part is incredibly important, and in carrying the torch for his own platform it would appear Dr. Joe is well on his way to advancing the state of digital medical record keeping for patients and doctors alike.

Source: iMore

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