1Password for Mac gets a big update with two-factor authentication, much more

AgileBits has announced a pretty hefty update for 1Password for Mac today, bumping it up to version 5.3 and bringing a number of new features.

For some added security, version 5.3 of 1Password for Mac comes into line with its iOS counterpart by adding two-factor authentication to the fold. To use two-factor authentication, you add a custom field for a one-time password to a particular login. After setting things up, 1Password will generate unique, time-based passwords for that account each time you wish to login. As an added bonus, if you already use one-time passwords with 1Password Pro on iOS, your passwords will automatically sync with the Mac app.

Also added in today’s update is support for starting FaceTime audio or Skype calls by clicking numbers in the “Identities” section, tons of new custom field options, and better date handling. Additionally, the following tweaks have been made to improve different aspects of the app:

  • Re-designed the Brain for faster, more accurate filling on websites. The heart was just fine, thanks for asking.
  • Improved Credit Card and Identity filling on several sites, including Hilton, Cineplex, Drafthouse, Amazon, and PayPal.
  • The 1Password mini icon has been refined.
  • Improved searching so that you don’t need exact matches for accented characters.
  • Added support for new languages and updated translations.
  • Added wildcard support for ignored URLs in autosave.

1Password for Mac version 5.3 comes as a free upgrade to those who already have the app, and you can hit up the link below now to snag the update for yourself.

Source: iMore

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