Tips for using Gmail on iPhone

Tips for using Gmail on iPhone

Gmail gets most famous among the Smartphone users. For Android devices, Gmail may saved by default but the iPhone users may face some problems while using Gmail on their device. If you are among them then you may get here some useful tips about this niche.

Gmail on iPhone

Now here is Some Guide to use Gmail on iphone, hope this will help you to start your journey for gmail on iphone.

Tips 1: Set up Gmail on iPhone:

Step 1: First you have to search for “Gmail” in your App store and install it right away on your iPhone, or otherwise you may download it into your computer and then just sync your computer with your iPhone to install the app.

Step 2: After the installation process get completed, you will get instant access to your Gmail account, including all sent, received, and saved mail. The app will let you access your mail from any of your devices but please remember that it does not let you access into your contacts list from the app, although you can send them email by typing their name of a contact to.

Step 3: then you have to tap the three horizontal parallel lines on the top left corner of your inbox screen. This will show you a list of your mail folders. You can tap your email address at the top of the left, to show all your accounts that are currently logged in.

Tips 2: How to sync from Gmail

First you have to select whether you want to sync your Mail, Contacts, Calendars and Notes that is associated with this address on your iPhone.

If you like to use Gmail for syncing various Calendars, so you will have to make sure this is selected.

If you have limited space on your phone don’t sync everything but choose it carefully.

Tips 3: How to stop Gmail using up your data

If you have left limited data on your iPhone then just go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar and then set ‘Fetch New Data’ to Off.

Then when you will tap on the option ‘Fetch New Data’, another screen will be appeared where you would have to assure that the Push is also turned off. It will stop your phone from connecting to the server constantly, to see either if you have any emails waiting.

If you tap on the email address in this screen you will get an option where you can choose Fetch or Manual. If you don’t need your phone to try and access the new emails when you aren’t actually using tour Mail then just select the Manual. Then the phone will only connect and download your email when you ask it to do so.

Tips 4: The best way to manage your email

When you will notice that you get as many emails a day, then you just need a system that will makes them manageable.

For this purpose you have to set up a Junk filter in Outlook that will sift any emails into the Junk filter that are from the contacts that aren’t belong to your Address Book. This way you will never get distracted by emails that don’t need to address straight away.

But please don’t forget to check (and delete) Junk emails at certain intervals regularly.

i hope this guide is useful for you specially if you are new to iphone and ios so this guide of Gmail on iphone will help you and if you like this post then dont forget to share it with your Friends and family members.

Let’s start using Gmail on iphone and share your Comments and suggestion with us in comments, if you are getting any problem using Gamil on iphone then share in comments.

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