How to Upload iPhone Videos To YouTube

Process to Upload iPhone Videos To YouTube

At Yahoo Answer and online Apple customer care forums there are many discussion about iPhone video uploading harassment. Most of user discussions about video uploading problem are such as network errors and no knowledge about uploading process. Yes! It is truly unacceptable that you get a latest iOS device such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 4s etc, but you are facing harassment to upload a unique, informative, funny, exclusive etc videos just for lack of knowledge about YouTube apps or camera default programmes. The number one brand around the world Apple provide a useful facility to users that they can create channels to publish and share with their friends privately or publicly. In that case, we are here to help you in an easy way and manually. You can use two methods to upload iPhone videos easily.

iPhone Videos To YouTube

Method 1: Upload iphone videos to YouTube via iPhone Camera Roll

This method is too much easy to upload iPhone videos to YouTube, but you must have a Gmail account to get access for upload your videos to YouTube. Creating Gmail account is too much easy and you can also create it when you upload your iPhone videos to YouTube. Now, follow these steps to upload your iPhone videos to YouTube via Camera Roll.

STEP 1: First you have to go iPhone Camera Roll and choose the video files that you wish for upload.

STEP 2: You will discover a share button from the base left angle.

STEP 3: In these step, you will see many options to share your video files such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Daily Motions, Linkedin etc.

STEP 4:  upload your video files to YouTube you have to log in or signed in by your Gmail account.

STEP 5: After signed in you will see some blank box that’s important for a video files. If you want to share your video files publicly then you have to fill those blank boxes, such as Title Box for video title, Description box for briefing about your videos, chose your video quality, Video type ( Standard or HD), Category Selection and lastly select your target audiences(Friends, Public or Private).

Final STEP: After finished your all selections for your video, then just click on the publish button and you have to some moments until the video files get uploaded.

These steps are not so complicated to upload your iPhone video to YouTube, if you facing any kind of problems to upload your video files then try the 2nd method that we descried here for your help.

Method 2: Directly upload iphone Videos to YouTube using YouTube App.

For using YouTube app you have to get it from Apple app store and you can use it lifetime without any kind of costs. To upload your iPhone video files to YouTube just follow these easy steps and share your captures with your friends or worldwide.

STEP 1: Download your YouTube app from Apple app store if you haven’t it yet.

STEP 2: Go YouTube to upload video files.

STEP 3: Sign in on the YouTube with your Gmail ID and Password.

STEP 4: Click on the detail icon from the top left angel.

STEP 5: Press the upload button next to My Channel.

STEP 6: Choose your video file from Camera Roll.

STEP &: Type your video title and description, select your video type, format, and category. After that, click on the upload button from the right hand corner.

STEP 6: Wait some minutes till the video get uploaded fully.

Hopefully, these methods are solving your iPhone video uploading problem to YouTube. Actually these are the best and perfect methods to upload an iPhone video to YouTube and also recommended by Apple Care Center.

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