How to Stop Photos from Uploading to iCloud

Photo Steam is best way to Automatically backup of our photos, this will create backup and upload all the available photos on our device to Icloud, this is by default configuration for ios device and all your photos which is available on your device get sync with iCloud account.

Apple has made this feature to make useful for people, if some time something happened to your device then you have proper backup of your photos on icloud and this will store all your photos including your private photos but not all people like to store the private photos on icloud so here is solution for them.

Now you can disable or Stop Photos from Uploading to iCloud using below guide and once you disable this option then your photos want get sync with icloud now we have complete step by step Guide for you.

Before proceeding to the steps make sure you have to take complete backup of your device, as if you disable photo stream option then all photos from your Phone’s album’s My Photo Stream section will get deleted, so it’s always good idea to have backup in external drive.

How to Stop Photos from Uploading to iCloud:

Step 1: Open Settings app from your home screen on your iphone.

Step 2: Now Tap on Photos & Camera option.


Step 3: Now under Photos & Camera option disable “My Photo Strem” option to disable automatically sync your photos with icloud.


Step 4: Once you disable “My Photo Strem” option you will get poup witch says: “Turning off photo Strem will delete all photo Strem photos from your iphone.”


Step 5: Tap on Delete button.

That’s it, you have successfully Stop Photos uploading to icloud and now your personal photos want get sync with icloud account.

Hope your problem has been fixed now and if you are getting any problem with this guide then don’t forget Write in Comments and if this post is helpful for you then share it with your friends and family members on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

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