How to reset, restore, and restart your iPhone

How to reset, restore, and restart your iPhone

IOS the most famous operating system created by Apple got the top rank for being in the customer’s first choice within a long period. The technology lovers love this operating system due to its strong security system and its multi types of facilities. But, unlike modern IOS devices such as iPhone, iPod or sometimes even Mac, get some complications in their operating systems which require expert hand to fix it. The users can fix the random problems by resetting their devices but sometimes in causes another problems such as the device might get stuck in a loop, sometime the device gets slow or otherwise weaken their performance.


Once you decide to reset your iPhone, you must have to make ready your back up as all your storage data will be erased fully during resetting your device. For this purpose, the Apple provides the facility of iCloud and iTunes. Here you can back up your iPhone with any of them and restore it again after completing the reset easily.

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How to reset, restore, and restart your iPhone:

If you suddenly notice that your iPhone has become unresponsive, or it doesn’t get turned on after once it shut down, then you no need to worry. You just need to reset your phone. There is a special feature in IOS devices that we can use it in the safe mode while the normal mode of operation is not working. And believe it or not that, this function wouldn’t required any tools or expertise knowledge. You can fix this by yourself within maximum two minutes. To reset your iPhone you just need to press down the Home Button and Power button at a time until the Apple logo gets appeared on the screen. Then you can leave the buttons and let your iPhone to complete its starting sequences. If there didn’t occurred any other problems in your IOS device, then it should be back to normal. But if you notice any change in performance of your any files or apps that should not to be, then you just need to restore your backup.

Now to Reset your iphone you need to Go to Settings app on your iphone and then Tap on General Option and then at bottom of General Screen tap on Reset, now in Reset tap on Erase all Content and Settings, now your device will start reset process and once its completed then you will get your device turn on and then you need to setup it again and you can also restore it using your iCloud or iTunes backup.

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