How to get free extra lives in Candy Crush on iPhone

Guide to Get Free Extra Lives in Candy Crush on iphone

The store house of apple contains thousands of app for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod customers. The IOS user can get their games, software’s, social apps etc without any kind of harassment. The most effective helpful information for apps and how it will run on a iOS device such as iPhone 6, iPhone 5 OS ,that kind of issues Apple developers solved in a innovative way. At the app store if you chose an app like Candy Crush for gaming apps you will see full destructive information about the apps that are divided with different tabs. If you get the page of Candy Crush gaming apps then you will see the apps title at the top bottom, users rating stars for Candy Crush and below their the most effective buttons are shown like Details, Reviews and Related. At the detail button you will see full accessibility of apps that is it free for life time or not. The most effective information’s will be showed in details on your screen at the review button. At this section you will see the numbers of user who rating this app and also can read their reviews to get all support information’s before get it from the store.

Although, Candy Crush game getting problems when you are just reaching the high score but you didn’t have any lives on your life board. The consumer reviews also discuses about these lives ending problem or how to get it play Candy Crush more times. In that case there are several solutions to get unlimited or extra live without any harassment.

Facebook Solutions for Candy Crush:

If you are playing your Candy Crush offline and lose lives it will show a notification to purchases your account to get extra lives. In that case just open your Candy Crush with Facebook access and send 3 friend request to get extra lives. But don’t try it at a time five or six times. Hopefully below the images of article will help you to get extra lives to play again.

Candy Crush

Get unlimited lives for Candy Crush:

To get unlimited lives for Candy Crush then you have to follow some steps to do it perfectly as they are…..

Do it Carefully

Move 1: Firstly go into the settings of your iPhone ,

Move 2: You will see the General Buttons and press it to go into,

Move 3: Down your scroll at Date & Time Section,

Move 4: Stop the automatically time changing and forward your time 2 hours.

Hopefully you will now get the unlimited lives to play more and more times to get fun.

Although if you facing trouble to follow these steps with these images then our advice for our respectable readers: Purchase your Candy Crush with Credit Cards and enjoy your Candy grabbing joyfully.

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