How to connect iPhone or iPad to a Bluetooth keyboard

Guide to Connecting Bluetooth keyboard to iphone or ipad

Thanks to Apple technology developers who are not only changes the modern technologies also create a revolutionary technological war around the world. There is no doubt about that Apple is the first company at Smartphone technology. If you are an owner of iOS devices such as iPhone or iPad then you got your home PC into your pocket. An iPhone or iPad device are using as officially or personally around the world for its better modern technology. Now you can create your project presentations into your iOS devices easily and for this reason you will able to find many apps on Apple app store such as iWork, Microsoft Office, Notability, Vesper, iA Writer, drafts and Simple Note. All these apps too much helpful for writing on a word document, but sometime it became painful to write a 2000 or 3000 words document. If you write a lengthy document from your On-Screen keyboard then it not only make you bore also can be defect your touch pad. It also create problem when you play games on your iPhone or iPad.

Bluetooth keyboard

Like these many kind issues Apple iOS developers add a great pairing feature named Bluetooth, which enables iOS users to connect their Keyboard, mouse, and joystick keyboard via Bluetooth. If you don’t have any knowledge that how can you connect your Keyboard via Bluetooth with your iPhone or iPad. You can buy an Apple Bluetooth keyboard only 69$ and also can use any other Bluetooth keyboard. Here are the steps to connect your Bluetooth keyboards with iPhone or iPad.

How to connect iPhone or iPad to a Bluetooth keyboard

STEP 1: First you have to turn on your Wi-Fi mood from the top left side.

STEP 2: If your Wi-Fi mood on then follow these steps…

Go to Settings>> General>> Bluetooth and Turn on Bluetooth.

STEP 3: Now you have to click the power on button of your Bluetooth keyboard.

STEP 4: Within a Second a 4 Digits code will show on your iPhone or iPad screen.

STEP 5: Type the code by your keyboard and press Enter.

Step 6: After some second your Bluetooth keyboard will be activate.

These steps not only will work for Apple Bluetooth keyboard but it’s also working With other Bluetooth keyboards. Now you can write your essays, paragraphs, Microsoft slideshows etc without any kind of harassment. Whatever your document lengthy or short you can write it easily and send it via Gmail from your iPhone or iPad.

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