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How to connect your iPhone to your TV

How to connect your iPhone to your TV Are you felling scarce about a personal theater system where you could enjoy only your favorite videos and movies anytime you want? Then just get relax and be happy because you can make this by only using your iPhone. You can quickly …

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How to connect iPhone or iPad to a Bluetooth keyboard

Guide to Connecting Bluetooth keyboard to iphone or ipad Thanks to Apple technology developers who are not only changes the modern technologies also create a revolutionary technological war around the world. There is no doubt about that Apple is the first company at Smartphone technology. If you are an owner …

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How to get free extra lives in Candy Crush on iPhone

Guide to Get Free Extra Lives in Candy Crush on iphone The store house of apple contains thousands of app for iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod customers. The IOS user can get their games, software’s, social apps etc without any kind of harassment. The most effective helpful …

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How to find the best insurance for your iPhone

Insurance For Your iPhones When you going to buy an iPhone like iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus etc most valuable phones then the Apple is offering you an iPhone insurance plans to contain the deal with their respectable clients. In that case most of the insurance plans are …

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How to Remove old iCloud backup

Remove iCloud Backup

Remove old iCloud backup : To remove your old iCloud storage you just have to delete the entire iCloude backup for any iOS device. If you need any of storage from your iCloud backup, then you have to restore them in the iOS device and wait until the restore operations …

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How to Record Your iPhone & iPad Screen

Record your iPhone & iPad screen

Record Your iPhone & iPad Screen: Capture a video screen and a game screen is not same like taking a snapshot usually. That kind of facility mostly gamers want to share his performance with his/her friends via social networks. It is true that Apple doesn’t add any built-in functions on …

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How to boost your iPhone Battery Life

Boost your iphone battery life

Boost your iPhone Battery Life : If you thinking about your battery life that how many times it will continue after charging your iOS devices when you going for a long term journey and also want to your hear favorites songs with high quality sounds of iPhone. But also worry …

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