XGX, Moto: What to expect from the next generation of Motorola smartphones

On July 28 we’ll see what’s next from this fan-favorite phone maker.

If there’s one phone maker that’s appealed to Android enthusiasts the most over the past couple of years, it’s Motorola. With their speedy performance, “pure Android” UI and thoughtful software additions, Moto phones have earned a loyal following among those who live and breathe mobile tech. So it’s not surprising that word of new Moto phones landing before the month’s end has fans eagerly awaiting news of what’s to come.

Moto dropped a pretty big hint in the invite for its global launch events — a three-city affair this year, in New York, London and São Paulo — signing off with an “XOX” that looked suspiciously like two Xs and a G. (You may remember similar hints being dropped in last year’s Moto launch invite.)

So, a new Moto G and a new Moto X, then? Or maybe even two models of Moto X? And what about the possibility of a new Moto 360? Read on to find out what we’re expecting from this latest round of Moto launches.

Source: iMore

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