Weekend fun: 5 free and fun puzzle games

A lot of us use our Android phones for important things. Serious bizness and stuff. We need to stay in touch with our people, keep up with our calendar, listen to our boss deflate our spirit and destroy our dreams over Slack and other things that aren’t nearly as fun as we want them to be. It’s a necessary evil, and part of being an adult and having a job.

But there is always time to squeeze in a little fun when nobody is looking. (Don’t look, Phil.) And there are plenty of games that you can play for just a few minutes at a time to get that fun injection. Whether you want a relaxing way to power through a bathroom break, or pass the time while your significant other is shopping for things you can’t be bothered to care about (there’s a reason they put benches in the mall), here are five great little apps that will help you pass the time.

Source: iMore

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