Samsung Galaxy S6, three months on

We’ve spent three months with the Galaxy S6, and it’s time to reflect on time with Samsung’s best of 2015.

When Samsung announces a new high-end phone, it makes a splash. That was particularly true with the Galaxy S6, as the launch brought with it an entirely new hardware design, and a change in a few different philosophies that have historically drawn users to its phones. We lost the ability to remove the battery and SD card, but gained a magnificent camera and some nice new materials to hold onto.

There are first impressions and reviews to give an early take on what a phone is like, but only after a few months of using it can you really build a feeling for what it’s all about. We’ve done just that, spending plenty of time with a Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, and comparing it to other leading devices along the way for some extra perspective.

Three Android Central editors — Phil Nickinson, Andrew Martonik and Russell Holly — are here to chime in, joined by Managing Editor of Mobile Nations Derek Kessler and Editor in Chief of Windows Central Daniel Rubino. Read on for our impressions of the Galaxy S6, after three months with the phone.

Source: iMore

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