Poll: What's your favorite Android music player?

We talk a lot about streaming music and the services available for our Androids, but this time we want to talk about music player apps.

You have music you have stored on your phone, possible in a high-quality format, and you need a way to play it. And it’s not just folks who don’t want to use data to stream music, some of us just want to hear our most favorite of favorites on a nice pair of headphones from a nice-sounding player. My wife calls me a hipster, but that’s the only way I want to hear my Emerson Lake and Palmer library. Therefore, hipster I will be. I’ve been called worse.

Anyhoo, there are plenty of options available for just listening. Chances are one or more came on your phone when you bought it. If not, Google Play has you covered several times over. We gathered the popular choices and tossed them into a poll, and now it’s your job to vote. If your favorite isn’t listed, be sure to vote “other” and drop a comment so we can be sure to look at it. We’re on a mission to find the best music players, and you fine folks can help.

Source: iMore

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