iPod touch and summer fun for kids

The iPod touch is a great first device for kids.

The new iPod touch 6 has a better camera and faster processor than ever before. It’s also slim and light, so you can take it everywhere, and relatively inexpensive, which makes it affordable for kids. With no data contract to worry about, and a million and a half apps in the App Store, it’s small screen with big potential. That’s especially true in the summer, and with these fun projects!

Learn a language

How we communicate and how we think are limited only by our command of language, beautiful, lyrical, contextual, nuanced, delicious language. And apps like Duolingo make it easier than ever to learn a new language, to do it from your deck or poolside, from your living room or hotel room

Make a movie

No matter how great a vacation is you can never be there forever, nor can you take everyone you love with you. What you can do is bring the vacation home for you and for them! With your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, not only can you take videos and pictures of those magic travel moments, but you can edit and share them right in iMovie

Build a book

Whether you’re in your backyard, at the local park, at a national park, or hiking halfway around the world, there’s an amazing amount of plants and flowers, bugs and birds, rocks and streams to see and enjoy. The Camera app means you really can bring it all home with you, and Photos for OS X means you can have a real book printed and bound on real paper so you can share it with your family and friends.

Create your cards

From little league to soccer practice, gymnastics to judo, tennis to skating there are all sorts of sports, team and solo, for kids to have fun with, get healthy doing, and learn valuable skills from. And what better way to keep hold of those memories and share them with teammates and classmates alike than with rookie cards of their very own?

Your summer fun project?

If your kids are using iPod touches new or old, or even iPads or iPhones, let me know what fun summer projects they’re working on!

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