Hands-on with Flir One, a smartphone-powered thermal camera

Thermal cameras are little more than a fun toy for most of us, but the companies and contractors that rely on the technology to be more efficient in their work are routinely faced with the tremendous cost associated with most of the hardware in the category. Over the last two years we’ve seen an effort to make thermal cameras smaller, cheaper, and in some cases even relying on your smartphone to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

The most recent advancement in this lineup is the Flir One, a microUSB dongle that promises to offer a decent thermal camera to those who don’t need a $1,000 rig for every job. Here’s a quick hands on of this new accessory and it’s many features. Spoiler alert — it is also a fun toy.

This is not Flir’s first effort in the smartphone accessory space, but it’s easily the most polished — especially for Android phones and tablets. The microUSB dongle comes with a nice carrying case with a lanyard for when it’s not in use, and it’s small enough to be pocketable. Even when outside of the case, the two lenses on the front of the dongle are recessed, so accidentally dropping the camera doesn’t immediately spell disaster. It’s a fairly simple design, with a microUSB port on one side to charge the included battery and a power button to activate the camera on the other.

Source: iMore

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