Apple Watch sales were higher in June than April or May

During the company’s Q3 2015 conference call, Apple CEO Tim Cook ended things off with a revelation about Apple Watch sales numbers:

On the Watch, our June sales were higher than April or May. I realize that’s very different than some of what’s being written, but June sales were the highest.

That’s in stark contrast to the media misinformation storm that insisted, without providing anything by way of context or comparison, that Apple Watch sales had tanked shortly after launch.

Apple is still declining to provide official numbers for what the company says is competitive reasons.

Of course, how many people are buying Apple Watch is primarily a concern for Apple and its shareholders. How many people who have bought Apple Watches and continue to enjoy them and find them of value is the number we care about.

Even with limited time and a limited data pool to draw upon, however, that number is already looking pretty damn good.

Source: iMore

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